2016-07-07 LG Minutes

22 08 2016

Date: 2016-07-07

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Tee called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm SLT

Present: Et, Ori, TED, Sofia, Tee, Tim, Zyzzy



Old Business

Minutes – Zyzzy

  • May’s minutes are here:
  • Approval moved, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

  • Treasurer’s report May 31, 2016
ASSETS April 30, 2016, May 31, 2016,
Magic’s account L$43,250 L$49,779
Byk’s account L$218,600 US$842.73 L$168,800 US$842.73
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$261,850 US$1317.73 L$218,579 US$1317.73
Presenters: L$15,500 L$17,500
Rent: L$75,000 L$150,000
Advertising: L$800 L$1000
Total Expenses L$91,300 L$168,500
Plate collections: L$41,729 Includes library L$48,458 Includes library
Pledge payments: L$146,750 L$146,750 Pledged 294K
Total Income L$188,479 L$195,208
Membership 61 61
  • Note:  Byk’s balance is reduced because a quarterly rent payment was made May 1.
  • Treasurer’s report June 30, 2016
ASSETS May 31, 2016, June 30, 2016,
Magic’s account L$49,779 L$57,481
Byk’s account L$168,800 US$842.73 L$161,300 US$842.73
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$218,579 US$1317.73 L$218,781 US$1317.73
Presenters: L$17,500 L$25,000
Rent: L$150,000 L$150,000
Advertising: L$1000 L$1200
Total Expenses L$168,500 L$176,200
Plate collections: L$48,458 Includes library L$56,360 Includes library
Pledge payments: L$146,750 L$146,750 Pledged 294K
Total Income L$195,208 L$203,110
Membership 61 61
  • Pledge reminders will be sent in September

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Peter offered to rent an adjoining 2048 below my cost. I countered to let him rent it at cost.
  • Z’s plan is to keep the current rent even after the buydown has been amortized, to compensate for the < 100% occupancy.

Outreach – Et

  • General Assembly June 22-26. Et and Ori had the banner in the Banner Parade. (see at 21:38 – 21:46 in the video). Next year General Assembly is in New Orleans.

Library Report – Peter

  • Peter will continue to work on the library as time allows. We appreciate his service in the Leadership Group.

Worship Report- Tee

  • Thank you to Zyzzy, Sofia, Et, Tee, Ori and TED for leading services.
  • I will continue to recruit!!!

New Business

  • OFFICER ELECTIONS: Zyzzy is the new moderator, Etaoin the new Secretary, Sofia remains treasurer.
  • Projects: Everyone who is not holding office, consider selecting a project to head during the year to enrich our community.
  • Revitalization:We use to have more people at services.
      • How are we going to attract more people to services.
      • Try to stick something on the SL event calendar
      • When we do that, we are one of the few discussions and we attract some.
      • Special events like a symposium, World Religion Day.
      • The big blue cube sends an email to Et to catch a newbie
      • Adding things to the event calendar will increase traffic. Et will be adding an event every week if nothing else.
      • CLF is reimagining another type of virtual platform. Maybe SL? Et in contact with CLF technical people, and we may see action on this in 2017.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm SLT