2016-04-28 LG Minutes

26 05 2016

Date: April 28, 2016

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Tee called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm SLT

Present: Et, Ori, Sofia, Tee, Tim, Zyzzy

Absent: Peter

Observing: TooEasilyDistracted

Old Business

Minutes – Zyzzy

  • Previous minutes’ approval moved, seconded, and carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report March 31, 2016

ASSETS Feb 29, 2016, March 31, 2016,
Magic’s account L$22,277 L$33,090
Byk’s account L$182,400 US$842.73 L$184,600 US$842.73
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$204,677 US$1317.73 L$217,690 US$1317.73
Presenters: L$6000 L$12500
Rent: L$75,000 L$75000
Advertising: L$300 L$500
Total Expenses L$81300 L$88,000
Plate collections: L$20,306 Includes library L$31,319 Includes library
Pledge payments: L$80,550 L$80,550
Total Income L$100,856 L$111,869
Membership 59 59

Pledge campaign:

Our total pledges this year are 288K. Our plate collection last year was approximately 100K. Since our total expenses last year were approximately 350K, I project that we will again have a deficit-free year or at least a very small deficit. It all depends on how many of the pledges will be paid in full.

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Freda’s paid-up rent expired so I reclaimed her parcels.
  • Tee rented another 1024 for the prims.
  • We currently have 4 x 1024 + 1 x 2048 available on UUtopia, and 2 x 2048 + 1 x 4096 on Alcott. That’s 65% rented. Freda accounted for more than half of the now-available space.
  • Z has purchased the “buy down” for all three sims. That required pre-paying 6 months of the difference.

Outreach – Et

  • I did demo UU-SL to some Central East Region folks at the District conference April 10.
  • Looking forward to getting together with some people at General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio June 22-26. Ordered new “UUs in Virtual Worlds” badge ribbons.
  • Otherwise, not much activity here this month.

Library Report – Peter

  • Deferred

Worship Report- Tee

  • TED, ET, Zyzzy led services. Thank you!
  • We need service leaders.

New Business

  • Annual Report: Tee will ask other for their bits and pieces and then prepare a draft.

New Leadership Group elections

  • New group should start July 1
  • Announce opportunity for new LG members tonight (4/28)
  • Vote at the end of June (6/30)
  • Sofia is up for remaining treasurer
  • Zyzzy is ok with Secy or Moderator or nothing. Willing to continue with the web site postings regardless.
  • Willing to serve again: Etaoin, Zyzzy, Tee, Tim, Ori, Sofia
  • Candidates: TED

The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 pm SLT