2012-01-25 LG Minutes

8 02 2012
Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting
Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012-01-12 Service

4 02 2012
Boat Sermon
by OriKosh

I’ve had a love of water, boats and ships for as long as I can remember. Just to give you an idea…one of the first pictures ever taken of me that I have seen is me with a white sailor’s cap perched atop my head.

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2012-01-19 Service

1 02 2012
Reverend James Reeb
by Darcy Cedarbridge


In the struggles we choose for ourselves, in the ways we move forward in our lives and bring our world forward with us,

It is right to remember the names of those who gave us strength in this choice of living. It is right to name the power of hard lives well lived.
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