2012-12-06 LG Minutes

15 01 2013

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The meeting called to order by Tee Auster at 5:33 SLT

Attending: Sofia, Tee, Zyzzy, Darcy, Etaoin, Joan

Absent: Desire

Observing: Thisbe

Old Business

Approval of Minutes – Zyzzy

Approval moved, seconded, and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Year-to-date as of December 4, 2012

ASSETS   October 14 December 4  
  Magic’s account L$55,344 L$17,544  
  Byk’s account L$14,056 L$49,081 US$1,855.48
  KIVA:     US$475
  Total Assets L$69,390 L$66,625 US$2,330.48
EXPENSES in 2012        
  Presenters: L$44,000 L$51,000  
  Rent: L$94,035 L$105,889  
  Advertising: L$2,050 L$2,400  
  Total Expenses L$140,085 L$159,289  
INCOME in 2012 Misc donations L$4,370 L$6,749 JobUU & sculpture garden
  Plate collections: L$98,530 L$113,840  
  Pledge payments: L$105,500 L$105,500  
  Total Income L$208,400 L$226,089  
Membership 69  

No new members


One new member


Kiva Report – Joan

  • # of Team Members: 17 – no increase since last report

  • # of Loans: 175

  • Loans/Member: 10.3 (Average # of Loans for KIVA Lenders: 9)

  • Total Amount Loaned: US$4600

  • Defaults since last report: 0

  • It was noted that the Total Amount Loaned is the cumulative loans, recycling paid-back loans.

Occupancy Report – Zyzzy

  • We have only a 2048 available. Peter Newton was interested, but seems to have lost interest in it.

Outreach Report – Etaoin

  • There are 916 members in the UUs of SL group.

Upcoming Events

  • Freda’s been busy.

  • James Amforte (guitarist) played at the opening of the sculpture show.

  • U+ group on Monday.

Library Report from Belovan Zuta

  • The library has been doing very well.

  • Peter Newton has been speaking at our weekly Tuesday meetings and we often have a lively group.

  • The Land Mark Giver by the bridge has a counter and is always giving new landmarks out.

    I’ve put a building on the ground I call the peace project as it is dedicated to bringing religions together in unity for peace.  Peter is also involved with this project and has offered many textures  and notecards for me to use.  There is now  a teleport in that building that brings people to the library also.

  • The destination guide has been updated and Freda was nice enough to donate the money for it to be listed.

  • I hope to be adding some lectures in the hall soon but due to some health issues my time in world is limited at the moment. For this reason I was thinking of taking on an assistant Librarian. Someone that could not only help with the library but will be able to take over if for any reason I can no longer run the library. I don’t want it to end :-).

  • I’ve been deeding objects that I can to the library group. What I can’t deed I will eventually replace with items I can so that they belong to the library group. Anyone with permissions can then move, edit or return these items as needed.

  • Peter Newton was given the title of Contributor which gives him more permissions in the library. He has been a wonderful help to me lately and I greatly appreciate it.

  • I’ve added a third floor where I plan on adding some areas eventually. I would like to add things like Joesph Campbell, Science and Religion, religious archeology etc. These are future plans but things I’m thinking about. I will also be adding content and and reorganizing content eventually. Lots of plans for the coming year :-).

  • Next year I will be adding a Chalice lighting for Chalica if I can arrange it daily for a week 🙂 The prototype for that is on the ground next to the Peace Project building.

New Business

  • None.


Meeting adjourned at 5:20 SLT

Next meeting January 24, 2013