2012-10-25 LG Minutes

5 12 2012

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The meeting called to order by Tee Auster at 5:37 SLT

Attending: Desire, Etaoin, Sofia, Tee, Zyzzy, Darcy

Absent: Joan

Old Business

Approval of Minutes—Zyzzy

Approval moved, seconded, and passed.

Treasurer’s Report—Sofia

Year-to-date October 14, 2012

ASSETS   September 25 October 14  
  Magic’s account L$44,468 L$55,334  
  Byk’s account L$1556 L$14,056 US$1855.48
  KIVA:     US$475
  Total Assets L$46,024 L$69,390 US$2330.48
EXPENSES in 2012        
  Presenters: L$39,500 L$44,000  
  Rent: L$94,035 L$94,035  
  Advertising: L$1900 L$2050  
  Total Expenses L$133,734 L$140,085  
INCOME in 2012 Misc donations L$2395 L$4370 JobUU & sculpture garden
  Plate collections: L$87,714 L$98,530  
  Pledge payments: L$90,500 L$105,500  
  Total Income L$180,609 L$208,400  
Membership 68  

No new members


No new members


Kiva Report—Joan

  • Joan will give the Kiva report at the next LG meeting.

Date for next LG meeting

  • The next LG Meeting is proposed for December 6th.
  • Moved, seconded, and passed.

Occupancy Report—Zyzzy

  • Thisbe added Knarf’s abandoned parcel.
  • – Only the parcels north of the mountain are available.

Outreach Report—Etaoin

  • CLF service watching still going well. Rev Harlan Limpert, UUA director of Ministry and Congragational services (or whatever his title is—-#3 at the UUA) contacted Et about coming into SL and seeing what we’re up to. He is wondering what are the impediments to this place being a part of the UUA. So far he’s been too busy to pop in.
  • Et will pursue this later.
  • Sofia: Eventually we will have to decide whether to attempt to become a UUA-affiliated congregation.


  • Bel talked about forthcoming projects involving the library. There will be things elsewhere being promoted at the library.
  • Bel would like ideas on a logo to go with the off-sim promotions.

New Business

Fixing FUUCSL Name

  • Thisbe noted that the Covenant says that the FUUCSL is a “church”. Any reason to not change that to “congregation”?

    Background:  At April & May 2010 we decided to put the name change to a vote of the congregation.  That was done on May 27,2010, and the notecard giver and mission/vision posters in the sanctuary area were changed from Church to Congregation.  I believe that only the mission/vision statement on the website needs to be updated. – Sofia

  • Moved – that “church” be changed to “congregation” whereever it appears and where it makes sense. 2nded and approved.

Upcoming Events

  • November-December LS Meeting will be held Thursday, December 6th


The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 SLT