2012-09-27 LG Minutes

25 10 2012

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting
Thursday, September 27, 2012

The meeting called to order by Tee Auster at 5:32 SLT

Attending: Desire, Et, Joan, Tee, Zyzzy, Darcy

Observing: Freda, Isabell Shriner

Old Business

Approval of Minutes—Zyzzy

Approval was moved, seconded, and passed.

Treasurer’s Report—Sofia

Year-to-date September 25, 2012

ASSETS   August 15 Sept 25  
  Magic’s account L$36,743 L$44,468  
  Byk’s account L$38,517 L$1556 US$1855.48
  KIVA:     US$475
  Total Assets L$75,260 L$46,024 US$2330.48
EXPENSES in 2012        
  Presenters: L$35,000 L$39,500  
  Rent: L$58,614 L$94,035  
  Advertising: L$1650 L$1900  
  Total Expenses L$95,264 L$133,734  
INCOME in 2012 Misc donations L$810 L$2285 JobUU & sculpture garden
  Plate collections: L$79,659 L$87,714  
  Pledge payments: L$88,000 L$90,500  
  Total Income L$168,469 L$180,499  
Membership 68   No new members  

Kiva Report—Joan

  • Overall increase.

  • No problems with loan repayments since last report on 8/23/12.

  • # of members is 16 (no increase from August)

  • # of Loans is 161 (increase of 11)

  • Loans/member 10.1 (increase of 0.8)

  • Total loans $4200 (increase of $300)

Occupancy Report—Zyzzy

  • We currently have 2048 available in Alcott, and 2048 in UUtopia. Pretty close to ideal.

  • Freda is now an Estate Manager.

UUA/CLF Update—Et

  • We had 5 people watching Sunday night, and Meg Riley (CLF minister) did a little shout-out on the livestream chat for the folks watching from SL. The CLF service is Sunday night at 8pm ET (5pm SLT) and Et plans to be here for that.

  • Someone said that Meg tried getting into SL a few weeks ago but had problems; she may try again. And for a few people, this has become their Sunday Service for real. Wow.

Spirit Fair—Tee and Desire

  • The Spirit Fair was held the weekend of the 21st. Really a great energy and many fine events. Desire created a wonderful and representational UU area. It was very nicely done and dealt with the limitations that kept throwing at us very nicely.

  • Sky from the Fair reports that there were 2000 visitors the w/e of the fair, and 400 after.

  • Freda doesn’t think the booths got much traffic, but there were a lot of people there for the events.

  • Desire thinks it was a great exercise for us in networking with the spiritual community in sl and learning what we will do in other similar events.

  • Tee has the sense though we are seen as spiritual leaders.

  • Desire says that she’s very much into that outreach to the SL community thing. It was a great thing.


  • He said that after discussing this with Tee, he has concluded that using the fuucsl.org google apps is not helpful. There’s too much confusion with google when switching accounts.

New Business


Library Report—Belovan

  • Very successful grand reopening

  • We had 32 that came for the Open House and 10 of those were new people. We have had over 100 visitors this month 🙂

Darcy’s Presentation

  • Darcy will be presenting a workshop on SL during her district’s annual meeting in Spring 2013. There was agreement that we would help out.

Calendar and Activities—Freda

  • We have had a lot of visitors in the last months. Garden and library seem to be the main landing points. She’s dumping jobuus becuase it is not generating the interest or revenue we want, and replacing it with a live performance venue. The first gig there is Oct. 15.

  • Darcy thanks Freda for donating profits from the Sculptuire Garden and JobUUs to FUUCSL.

  • Discussion groups are going well in garden and library. Stories Unlimited is putting a kiosk in the garden. We are gaining a reputation as a Quality Venue.

  • Freda would really like it if we could put one of their kiosks in the library too.

Meeting adjourned at 6:28 SLT