2012-07-26 LG Minutes

22 08 2012

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Zyzzy Zarf at 5:31 pm SLT

Present: Zyzzy, Darcy, Tee, Et, Joan, Desire

Visitors: Freda

June’s minutes were approved as written.

Election of officers:

New officers are Tee – moderator, Zyzzy – Secretary, Sofia – Treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report

Year-to-date June 17, 2012

ASSETS   June 25 July 17  
  Magic’s account L$70,108 L$28,193 L$50,000 transferred to Byk
  Byk’s account L$16,121 L$28,507 US$1855.48
  KIVA:     US$475
  Total Assets L$86,229 L$56,700 US$2330.48
  Presenters: L$28,500 L$32,500  
  Rent: L$23,193 L$58,614  
  Advertising: L$1250 L$1500  
  Total Expenses L$64,750 L$92,614  
  Plate collections: L$64,654 L$71,069  
  Pledge payments: L$87,300 L$87,300  
  Total Income L$151,954 L$158,369  
Membership 66   No new members  

Kiva Report from Joan:

# of Team Members 15
# of Loans 145
# of Loans/Member 9.7
Total Loans made $3800 (increase of $150)
  • Overall trend continues to increase.

  • No problems with loan repayments since last report on 6/25/12.

UUtopia report (Z):

  • People are moving around.

  • We’re still in the red, but things are improving.

  • Zyzzy is resisting raising rents due to recent rentals greatly improving the occupancy rate.

Library report:

  • Bel is the librarian.

  • The library is a skybox now, with a tree portal near the plaza.

Discussion on rotating LG meeting places.

  • It would give us an opportunity to experience different places in UUtopia

Spirit Fair:

  • 25 x 25 spaces

  • Lasts 3 days or a week or something.

  • Positive opinion of us participating.

  • Sept 21 start of fair.

  • Details at Aug. LG meeting

New business:

  • Halloween party? Talk to Del.

Adjourned at 6:25 SLT