2012-06-28 LG Minutes

25 07 2012

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Zyzzy Zarf at 5:30 pm SLT

Present: Darcy, Zyzzy, Et, Tee, Sofia, and Zena

Visitors: Orikosh, Desire, Belovan Zuta and EllieMink Resident

Joan (absent) Thank you to Joan for the report

May’s Minutes: Approved as read

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Year-to-date June 25, 2012

ASSETS   May 23 June 25  
  Magic’s account L$61,990 L$70,108  
  Byk’s account L$28,428 L$16,121 US$1855.48
  KIVA:     US$475
  Total Assets L$90,418 L$86,229 US$2330.48
EXPENSES in 2012        
  Presenters: L$25,000 L$28,500  
  Rent: L$23,193 L$35,000  
  Advertising: L$1100 L$1250  
  Total Expenses $49,293 L$64,750  
INCOME in 2012        
  Plate collections: L$ 56,936 L$64,654  
  Pledge payments: L$84,300 L$87,300  
  Total Income L$141,236 L$151,954  
Membership 66   No new members  

Kiva Report – Joan Ixito

# of Team Members 15
# of Loans 143
# of Loans/Member 9.5
Total Loans made $3750
  • Overall trend is an increase in loans.

  • 98.6% of the loans have gone well in the last year.

  • One defaulted due to currency exchange rates (already reported last year) and one had defaulted due to not making required payments.

  • It seems that attempts to pay are still being made, at least as of May 2012.

UUtopia Report and Occupancy – Zyzzy

  • A major renter is giving up her property.

  • Do we keep the buildings and maintain them?

    The Library is important.

    Motion is made and carried to take over the Library and pay for it.

    Belovan will contact Pomona to see if she would be interested in maintaining the library if she didn’t have to pay for it. Belovan said she’d be interested in managing it if Pomona isn’t. Perhaps they could both do that.

    Properties are paid for 30 days and then we can revisit.

  • Raise the rents on Alcott by 20%

    Additional situations are in discussion to address timeliness in rental payments as it places a strain on finances.

  • Support of the TGRC

    Zyzzy will research further

General Assembly Report – Et

  • Et was an off site delegate and watched plenaries and voted on UUA business

  • Reproductive justice was chosen as a congregational study/action

  • Lots of activity around Phoenix protesting around the jail. The biggest protest in years, covered by lots of media. Made the Washington Post so it must have been important 🙂

  • Voted on the bylaw change to finalize recognizing non-brick-and mortar congregations

Leadership Group Slate

  • Zena step down

  • Desire steps up

  • Moved and carried elections on July 12

  • Tee will update and get a notice out

Spirit Gate site – Tee

  • Revisit and review

  • title of link

New Business

  • Cloud Party

    ET and Belovan are there.

    Et will set up a little UU room

The meeting was ajourned at 6:15 PM SLT