2012-05-31 LG Minutes

28 06 2012

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Zyzzy Zarf at 5:30 pm SLT

Present: Zyzzy, Darcy, Joan, Sofia, Zena, Etonian, Tee

April Minutes: Approved as read

Treasurer’s Report (Year-to-date May 29, 2012)

ASSETS April 23 April 23
Magic’s account L$56,345 L$61,990
Byk’s account L$33,928 L$28,428 US$1855.48
KIVA: US$475
Total Assets L$90,273 L$90,418 US$2330.48
EXPENSES in 2012
Presenters: L$19,000 L$25,000
Rent: L$23,193 L$23,193
Advertising: L$950 L$1100
Total Expenses $43,143 L$49,293
INCOME in 2012
Plate collections: L$ 51,041 L$56,936
Pledge payments: L$83,800 L$84,300
Total Income L$134,841 L$141,236
Membership 66 No new members

Occupancy and UU Group

  • Accounts mostly current and up to date
  • Adjust the rents to allow one unrented 4096 on alcott, and basically the current rental level on UUtopia

CFL Outreach

  • Still doing the Sunday night simulcast. There are a few of us who are regulars
  • CLF is going to one service on Sunday night 9pm EDT
  • Seemed to have slowed down

GA Update

  • ET plans to host some off site delegates in DC at the Cedar Lane UU
  • Plans to show SL
  • Cedar Lane has over 1000 members; their Library is Really Nice. so is their internet connections

LG Reorganization

  • Et put a card in the announcement board
  • Will be announced at service with a vote in June 14
  • People need to be encouraged to pledge and run
  • Send intent ot Z or T

Kiva Report

  • We’re up to $3575 US in loans
  • Sofia will reinvest each time a loan is paid off.
  • Thank you to Joan for shepherding this gratifying program

Announce Board Update

  • Et modified the announcement board< at the sanctuary entrance.
  • Changed the color of the letters to light since yellow is easier to read
  • Changed the display to make it run faster and less jerky

New Business

  • None

Potential LG slate for 2012-2013

as of June 27

  • Zyzzy Zarf
  • Etonian Barcelona
  • Sofia Freenote
  • Darcy Cedarbridge
  • Joan Ixito
  • Tee Auster
  • Zena Silverstar (note~Zena has offered to step down if someone else steps up)
  • Desire Jacques Leal

Respectfully submitted,

Tee Auster, Secretary