2012-03-22 LG Minutes

20 04 2012
Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting
Thursday, March 22, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 5:31 pm SLT by Zyzzy Zarf.
Present: Zyzzy Zarf, Darcy Cedarbridge, Etaoin Barcelona, Joan Ixito, Zena Silverstar, Sofia Freenote, and Tee Auster


The February 23, 2012 minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Sofia Freenote)

Year to Date March 22, 2012

Individual Accounts Magic: L$45,770
Byk: L$61,121 US$1855.48
KIVA: US$475
Assets L$106,891 US$2330.48 KIVA $475
Expenses in 2012 Presenters: L$14,500
Rent: L$23,193
Advertising: L$750  Total Expenses  L$38,443
Income in 2012 to date Plate collections: L$38,116  avg L$230 *see note
Pledge payments: L$82,800  Total Income  L$120,916
  • Membership = 65

Residency Rate – Zyzzy


Carry over to next month

UUtopia Group Update-Zyzzy Zarf

  • Residents can invite others to join the group. Previously it was only LG members.
  • If you talk to a UUtopia Resident, please ensure that they are listed as a Resident in the UUtopia group.
  • For land rezzing group, the person should be removed unless s/he remains as a guest of another member. Generally, you have to be a UUtopian of some sort to build.
  • UUtopians can control the CLF screen.

CLF discussion and Update-Etaoin Barcelona

  • We have members attending the Sunday CLF service
  • CLF relationship is slowly evolving in a positive direction
  • Et is trying to be an offsite delegate for  General Assembly (GA) for his RL church. If Et gets a delegate chit, he will see if he can get some other offsite delegates to sit here during GA
  • We had a banner in the banner parade last year carried by Et and Darcy. The banner was made by OriKosh.

New Business

  • Think about redesigning the common area
  • To do – post sermons

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 SLT

Library Report-Pomona Writer

The Library = 59 visitors


Shrine Area = 5+ visitors


Imaginary Press = 52 visitors


Thank you for those of you that visited.  Many were names not seen before!

Don’t forget to see the new bonsai potting & display area to the south of the Library.